Dont Let Directv Control The Weather

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Don't Let DIRECTV Control the Weather!

For over 30 years, The Weather Channel has been the most trusted resource for disseminating timely information to help prepare and protect families across the nation against weather-related emergencies. But now DIRECTV is threatening to remove this critical life-saving community resource from 20 million households. We're working hard to reach an agreement with DIRECTV to keep The Weather Channel in its lineup. You can help! ...

The Weather Channel TV Commercial- Aren't You Glad You Don't Have DirecTV (2014)

Here is a funny Weather Channel TV commercial that parodies DirecTV's "Get Rid Of Cable" TV ads, recorded off the HD TWC channel. I'm guessing this commercial was made to poke fun at the satellite TV provider for dropping the network last month. All rights go to The Weather Channel. No copyright infringement is intended.

ABC7 Chicago meteorologist has hilarious realization that his TV is a touchscreen live on the air

Check out ABC7 Chicago Meteorologist Greg Dutra's surprise when he found something out his television had a touch screen while live on the air. | MORE: abc7.com/meteorologist-greg-dutra-video-touch-screen-terrell-brown/12101369/

The Weather Channel Returns to DirecTV - April 9, 2014

This is a local forecast on the day that The Weather Channel became available to DirecTV subscribers after nearly three months of being off the air to the satellite provider. In the video, you will notice the IntelliStar unit housed at DirecTV showing a crawl telling viewers that local weather will return soon.

The Weather Channel Contest: Ditch DIRECTV in the style of a DIRECTV Commercial

When you can't get The Weather Channel on DIRECTV, you get frustrated!

Please Directv, bring back The Weather Channel!

Losing The Weather Channel from my Directv lineup last month has caused a lot of grief in our household.

Weather Channel, DirecTV in stormy relationship

Jim Cantore & Barry Parr on the dispute between TWC and DirecTV that led to TWC being blacked out in 20 million homes.

Tell DIRECTV To Bring The Weather Channel Back!

Meteorologist Jim Cantore shows you how to take action to bring The Weather Channel back to DIRECTV. Visit keeptheweatherchannel.com now.

Bring back the weather channel to directv!

I made a video that makes me look as stupid as the decision to drop the weather channel from directv!

DIRECTV is now dropping the weather channel!!!! please do it now

error: DIRECTV is still dropping the weather channel please notify to bring the weather channel back: keeptheweatherchannel.com or call 1-(866)-984-7245 to bring the weather channel back

Directv Dumps The Weather Channel

It was too little and too late for The Weather Channel, as Directv dropped the channel. Once the home for 24-7 weather coverage, TWC became plagued with boneheaded channel decisions. It did not help matters that many are still angry over the alleged firing of Dr. Nicole Mitchell. Ultimately, the decision to air reality shows has caused The Weather Channel's ratings to plummet.

Don't Let NBCUniversal Control the Weather (Channel)

Here's my own response to Jim Cantore's video about DirecTV dropping The Weather Channel. I don't agree with DirecTV dropping TWC, yet at the same time, I also say "Don't let NBCUniversal control the weather". Prior to NBC buying TWC when it went up for sale (in 2008), the channel mainly consisted of hard news weather coverage, and a few reality shows that were actually very interesting. Nowadays, The Weather consists of 60% weather coverage...

How To Program Your Directv Remote To Your Tv (easy)

How To Program Your Directv Remote To Your Tv (easy)

How To Reset DirecTV Remote Genie Code 981

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