Engagement Ring Guide When White Gold Turns Yellow Before After Plus Jewelry Warranty Advice

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Engagement Ring Guide- When white gold turns yellow- Before & After plus jewelry warranty advice

SALE 50% off engagement rings - diamondcityonline.com/50-off-engagement-rings/ Link to my site with diamond tips and tricks- diamondcityonline.com Here is a quick video to show you what happens after many tears of wearing a white gold ring. Often ring maintenance gets ignored as life gets busy but every now and then its worth it to take the time to get your ring polished to look new again. Link to site with ideal diamond settings: ...

How to Make Your White Gold Ring White Again (When It Turns Yellow)

Probably after a few years, you might notice that your white gold ring diminished in luster and shows a tinge of yellow. Oh no! But wait, don’t fret. There’s a reason for that. Here’s a video explainer and guide on making your white gold ring glimmer again. -------------- Contents of this video ----------------- 0:00 Intro 0:18 What is gold? 0:42 What is white gold? 1:13 Why does the white plating wear off? 2:08 How can you get your ring...

10 Things to Know BEFORE YOU BUY an Engagement Ring

WATCH THIS TO LEARN HOW TO BUY AN ENGAGEMENT RING. Edward Ferris, Managing Director of Burrells, explains the TOP 10 things you should consider before you buy. The CUT of diamonds, types of METAL, the PRICE, the GUARANTEE, and more! SUBSCRIBE to Burrells for weekly videos ▶ bit.ly/2Dkl1Br FIND OUT MORE... 1. What style suits me? ▶ brls.uk/2UIq1oG 2. What stone should I choose? ▶ brls.uk/2JDa9kM 3. What cut and shape should I choose? ▶ ...

How to turn a yellow ring to white gold 😳 with Swae Lee 💝

Swae Nye the Science guy shows us how to turn a yellow gold ring into a white gold ring .@swaelee ✅Share ✅Like ✅And most importantly Subscribe ⏰ to get more amazing videos 🎥

Diamond Ring in White Gold (Gold Smith)

Diamond Ring in White Gold (Gold Smith) I found this ring after fiddling around my workbench today. It's as if they just appear these days. I've been making jewelry (Jewellery) completely by hand for over two decades now. This channel is for those who are passionate about the trade and looking for new solutions and tricks to better themselves.

How to choose the color of your engagement ring & wedding band.

You have several choices when it comes to the metal of your engagement ring. Whether it's white gold, platinum, yellow gold or rose gold, there are important things to consider, which Marisa Perry is discussing in this video. But as you also know, knowing is one thing, seeing is another. When you have the stones in front of you and are able to compare colors and clarities it really helps you see what you do and do not want to pay more for....

Platinum vs White Gold Ring Chat (w/ Tacori) Season 1: Webisode #5

About This Webisode "Platinum vs White Gold" Which metal should you use for your ring Platinum or white gold? Stephen and Jacob discuss the importance of the right precious metal and help you decide which one is for you. About Ring Chat: Ring Chat (w/ Tacori) Season 1: This is the very first season of "Ring Chat". "Ring Chat" features host Jacob Jones of Jones & Son Fine Jewelry and very special guest Stephen Alexander, the Senior...

Mistakes To Avoid: Engagement Rings ❌💍

Don't make these Mistakes!!!

Platinum Vs White Gold, Top 5 Key differences - What's best for your engagement ring

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Yellow & white gold together | What's better with a diamond

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What's the difference between white gold and platinum in an engagement ring

If you’re creating an engagement ring you might be wondering what the differences are between white gold and platinum. Watch this quick video to learn more and see which option is right for you!

Is white gold worth less than yellow gold

Transcript: Clients frequently ask me “Is white gold worth less than yellow gold?” And the answer is an emphatic, “no”! Yellow gold and white gold have the exact same amount of gold content and are worth the same. For example, 14 karat white gold is 58.5% gold and 14 karat yellow gold is also 58.5% gold. So why does white gold have a white or silver color?  With white gold, the yellow gold is alloyed with more silver metals like platinum,...

Do Engagement Rings Have Warranties | CarterCast Clip

Carter gives a quick flyover of warranties for engagement rings. And that's definitely your business.

White gold VS Platinum: What metal to choose for your Engagement Ring

What is the best metal for your engagement ring. White gold or Platinum. In this video I'll talk about pros and cons of both and help you to make the best choice. How To Choose The Best Engagement Ring Metal COMPLETE GUIDE! youtu.be/qdmferUA1Vg ninavova.com 0:00 Intro 0:40 White gold alloy and platinum explained 2:17 Visual differences 5:01 Durability comparison 6:38 Price comparison 11:00 Real engagement ring examples 15:06 Conclusion