I Tried To Buy This 1987 Chevy C10 Truck It S Name Is Pumkin I Like The Color Of This Truck

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1987 Chevy C10 / R10 Pickup Truck - SOLD

1987 Chevy R10 / C10 Pickup Truck - Carcraft Classics

1987 Chevy C10 Silverado Review (Square Body) (Actually an R20)

In-depth review of the 1974-1987+ Chevrolet trucks AKA square bodies. This is a 1987 R20 Silverado. Other channel: youtube.com/@craigslistgold It's literally just me looking at craigslist

Proof Squatted Trucks Are Useless #shorts

Today we put a squatted truck to the test. customwheeloffset.com #customoffsets #trucks #squattedtrucks

NO DAD I WANTED A 2023 😡 #shorts #shortsvideo #thatwidebowtie

MORE VIDEOS JUST LIKE THIS ON MY CHANNEL BELOW! youtube.com/c/thatwidebowtie MY INSTAGRAM!! instagram.com/thatwide.bowtie/ !! BREAD GANG SHIRTS HERE !! southerntiescollection.com/ [email protected] Papi's Garage Website papisgarage.com Papi's Radius Arm Kits papisgarage.com/product/ford-front-radius-arms/ Papi's 10-14 Long Arm Cradle Kit papisgarage.com/product/1012longarmcradleliftkit/#lift-options STARLIGHT KIT...


This Is What Happens If You NEVER CHANGE YOUR DIFFERENTIAL OIL!! In this video I show not only how I changed my differential oil but I also show the inner diff cover magnet after 78000 miles and 24 years. Featured in this video is my 1995 GMC Suburban K1500 (GMT400) with just 78,000 original miles on it. The rear axle differential is the GM 10 bolt 8.5" version and has never had a differential fluid change. For the diff cover gasket I used a...

FULL BUILD: '65 Chevy Truck - Patina Restomod

We bought this 1965 Chevrolet C10 sight unseen! The Truck Tech team begins the teardown process and makes some upgrade decisions for Project Lo ‘n Slo. The '65 C10 Fleetside gets a coilover conversion that will slam her to the ground and a turbo setup on the 292 straight-six. Plus, we protect Mother Nature's patina with a pearl finish. The pickup also gets prepped for a custom interior complete with an easy-install aluminum kit that mimics the...

73-87 Square Body Chevy & GMC C/K Truck Buyers Guide (Design, Options, Engines, Common Problems)

Square Body Truck Buyer's Guide! We'll cover the common problems, the specs, and everything else you've wanted to know about the 73-78 Chevy / GMC Trucks! In terms of exterior design, the 3rd gen CK was a revolutionary design at the time. GM coined the term "rounded line exterior” for this pickup due to the rounded windshield corners, rounded corners of the cab roof, rounded-corner doors, slanted front fenders, and rounded pickup box corners....

DRIVING 700 MILES TO BUY A 1977 CHEVROLET C-10 | Square Body Project - Mike is WAY too excited

This time on SPPTV Mike FINALLY gets a Square Body Chevrolet Truck! Come along for the ride as we drive 12+ hours to look at and hopefully buy a 1977 Custom Deluxe. It has not been long since Mike started looking for one of these trucks, but this one came up at the perfect time; literally hours before we were planning to leave for Saskatchewan to pick up a different C-10. Last minute adventures like this are always fun, and the truck being...

Doing some Rattle Can Painting on my 1978 Chevy C10 truck aka Papaw now that the Camper Top is off

Trying to stretch this Rattle Can Paint on my 1978 Chevy C10 truck "Papaw". Man on a Budget link: youtu.be/CizRLJOZDwU

Squarebody engine colors. What year was what color Chevrolet orange, GM corporate blue, or black.

I answer the question of what color should my Squarebodys engine be. Help support the channel and become a patron. patreon.com/squarebodystuff Donate to our projects here. paypal.com/biz/fund?id=846NNDP2RLWEU SQUAREBODY STUFF MERCHANDISE IS HERE!!!!!!! teespring.com/stores/squarebody-stuff Email me [email protected] Follow us on Instagram instagram.com/squarebodystuff/ Go like my Facebook page too!! ...

4L60E Comparison Curt's Corner | Monster Transmission

Curt goes over one of the more commonly confused units, the 4L60E and the 4L65E variations. GM changed their 4L60E as the years went on, these changes include differences in the: case, bell housing, bolt holes, input shaft, and stater. 93-96 - 4l60e one piece 97-05 - 4l60e 2-piece - newer electronics, smooth lockup shaft 2006+ 4l65e/70 - different electronics, bell housing, different TC and input shafts/stater. (Follow us on Instagram: ...