One Of Our Youngest Fans Wants The Weather Channel Back

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One of our youngest fans wants The Weather Channel back!

Thanks to Julie from the blog, Momspective, for sharing this video with us!

Please Directv, bring back The Weather Channel!

Losing The Weather Channel from my Directv lineup last month has caused a lot of grief in our household.

ABC7 Chicago meteorologist has hilarious realization that his TV is a touchscreen live on the air

Check out ABC7 Chicago Meteorologist Greg Dutra's surprise when he found something out his television had a touch screen while live on the air. | MORE: abc7.com/meteorologist-greg-dutra-video-touch-screen-terrell-brown/12101369/

Bring back the weather channel to directv!

I made a video that makes me look as stupid as the decision to drop the weather channel from directv!

The Weather Channel, Thank You, We're Back!

I couldn't be more privileged to be sharing this! The Weather Channel is back on DIRECTV on Channel 362 after three months off their air! This is the thank you they sent to me and all other supporters. Welcome back Weather Channel! You were definitely missed! (During the time when I had no access and limited channels I was stuck with Game Show Network! Nothing against that channel, just to much of it!)

Desert Storm on Weather Channel

Crazy storm hits our YouTube video we were shooting ends up making the Weather Channel thanks to my cameraman risking his life to get awesome shots.

Hurricane simulators are no joke 👀🤣 #shorts

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RKNet Studios Weather Channel

Now a days we can watch so many channels on TV... but I never saw this one coming..... The Weather Channel It's like... watching the perpetual fireplace channel. I can't think of a more boring concept for a TV program. "Oh no" the studio bosses say.... "People want to watch the weather." In fact they want to watch it so much... we're going to repeat the same stuff every 20 minutes!!!

Paul Goodloe | Retro Day

For National Retro Day, we're celebrating by looking back at some old footage of our meteorologists! Here's Paul Goodloe, who's been at The Weather Channel since 1999.

TV Meteorologist Passes Out Live on Air

California meteorologist Alissa Carlson suddenly collapsed during a live morning broadcast on KCAL-TV in Los Angeles. "Thanks for all the texts, calls, and well wishes. I am going to be ok!," the 46-year-old mom and former Mrs. California posted on Facebook. Nine years ago, after getting sick on the air, Carlson discovered she had a leaky heart valve. However, she assured viewers that this fainting episode was unrelated. Her station says...

Bring Back The Weather Channel Back DIRECTV

peoples VIdeos on youtube to bring back the weather channerl back