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The much-requested HOW DO U SHAPE YOUR NAILS LIKE THAT video:) Hopefully this helps, and I swear I'll make long form content soon but it's more of a learning process and life is just so busy right now that I barely have time to breathe. Let me know if this was a helpful tutorial for how to shape your nails and what you'd like to see me do next, I read all the comments and love to make video requests:) Follow for more videos about nails and...

🛑 STOP Annoying Snags on Natural Nails

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Here's how to shape your nails to short almond.

Welcome To Your Best Nail Life 💅 At Olive & June, we believe in beautiful nails for everyone. Whether in our salons or at home, we exist to make mani magic happen with tips, tricks, and DIY tutorials straight from the pros. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you do, you can have a manicure that makes you feel like your very best self. #oliveyourmani #shorts #nails #diynails #nailhacks #nailtips #pressonnails #pressons For more 💅...

Draw a Deep French Almond Shape --- Christine Lam

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How to make short nails look good

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5 ways you can do a French tip on SHORT nails! #shorts #diynails #frenchtip #diymanicure #nails

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Shaping Natural Nails #shortnails #naturalnails #nailtutorials

Tired of chipping corners⁉️ ✨It’s SO important when doing dip nails that we really cap off those free edges for strength and longevity. Make sure your base AND top coat brush are getting all the way to those corners WITHOUT getting on your skin 💪🏼 ✨But sometimes… despite our best efforts…those pesky corners still break and chip! Maybe it’s time to reevaluate if this shape + length is best suited for your lifestyle 🧐 ✨Glass files are my go...